To read student projects, letters and essays, click on the “category” box on the upper right hand corner of this page. We are still adding work to the site. It is a work in progress! 

This site was created by 8th grade students at East Cary Middle School in Cary, North Carolina. The site is intended to provide a scientifically accurate source of information on the topics of global warming and climate change. It is intended to raise the awareness of students and adults who are confused about conflicting viewpoints that are frequently expressed on these subjects.

Prior to creating this site, my students studied the climate change booklets written by the  National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society. Content in these documents is based on peer reviewed scientific publications.  They should be considered a trusted science source. You can read the NAS/RS publications on our Science Resource Page.

After studying these documents,  my students further explored various aspects of the 2016 Paris Treaty, global warming,  climate change and ocean acidification. They also explored  issues such as fake news, biased reporting sources and climate change skeptics. You can view their work on all of these subjects on this site. Finally, students wrote and mailed letters and essays about climate change and the importance of the 2016 Paris Treaty on climate change. These were sent to government leaders to educate them and encourage them to honor the commitments that the U.S. made to this treaty. You can read their letters and essays on this site.

We hope you find our website enlightening and inspiring and encourage you to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint! (See Solutions page).

Gail Powell, PhD, NBCT   and the Students of the 8th Grade Track 4 Team at East Cary Middle School, Wake County Public Schools, Cary, NC