Science Resources

Scientifically based Resources on Climate Change, Global Warming and Ocean Acidification from the National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society

These are the publications that I used to teach my students about climate change. They are peer reviewed scientific publications published jointly by two highly esteemed scientific organizations.   (Gail Powell)  This page gives you access to two free online booklets about climate change   (Climate Change Evidence, , Impacts, and Choices   and Climate Change: Evidence and Causes)  This page has a link to a power point presentation and a free PDF for the first booklet; it also has a video link (26min video), a Spanish translation to the first booklet and a downloadable figure gallery with graphs and diagrams.  This page links to a free PDF for the 2nd online booklet, a 60second video on climate change, a link to the Interactive climate change booklet, and figure galleries from the booklet


Other Interesting Articles/Overviews On Climate Change. I found these links after students completed their projects. They were not used in our research.