On March 27, 2017, I received a free book and DVD “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” in my school mail box. It was from the Heartland Institute. They mailed it to 200,000 teachers to spread more doubt about the science of climate change. Click this link to read more:

A political organization that doubts climate science is sending this book to 200,000 teachers

An Overview on Climate Change Non Believers or Skeptics

Gail Powell

For decades , there has been a debate in the United States between the majority of climate scientists and those who don’t believe in human caused climate change. Who are these non believers or “climate change skeptics”?  Some of these people are uninformed on the issue. Others are misinformed by inaccurate information that has been widely distributed by some media outlets and the internet. Some non believers have limited scientific knowledge and are therefore, less likely to recognize misinformation.

However, there are some climate change skeptics who are economically motivated because regulations that lead to a reduction in our use of fossil fuels or require limits on carbon dioxide emissions will have negative economic impacts on their businesses. Some of the climate change skeptics that fall in this group have been linked to spreading “the seed of doubt” about climate change. They repeatedly and effectively publish or hire others to publish media content that questions the science behind human caused climate change. By doing this, they have convinced many Americans to question the link between  human activity (burning fossil fuels) and climate change.

The website links listed below will help you understand the claims made by climate change skeptics and corresponding scientific responses to each claim.   How to talk to a climate skeptic

Getting skeptical about GW skepticism. This site briefly lists each of many criticisms that skeptics have raised about climate change/global warming. Then it shows a brief science response for each criticism.

This next website will help you understand how industries sometimes spread the “seed of doubt”.  Greenpeace exposes sceptics…      

(The Guardian is considered to be politically aligned with a center/left viewpoint. Greenpeace is known for its radical and bold actions to protect the environment. Their view point may be biased in favor of environmental protection, but this article seems to demonstrate one way that climate change skeptics may spread the “seed of doubt” regarding climate change.