Check out the links to our Earth Notes and Earth Hugs at the bottom of this page for simple ideas about how you can slow climate change and protect our planet!!!

East Cary Middle School has taken the My Energy Kit Challenge. You can do this too. Go to:  or call 1-855-386-9548.  Our power company Duke Progress Energy (and many other companies) is offering free home energy conservation kits to students and staff to reduce their use of electricity in their homes.   Its a wonderful energy saving kit and will reduce our carbon footprints.  Check it out!

In 2010, I started collecting information for Earth Notes and Earth Hugs (See links below.) and began compiling them in this presentation in 2011 to share with my students. As I have found new information over the past few years, I have added it to the presentation. Earth Notes focus on all types of environmental issues including climate change/global warming, ocean acidification, human population growth, habitat destruction, extinction of species, and more. The Earth Hugs offer simple suggestions that you can make in your life to reduce the size of your environmental footprint.

If we all make small changes in our lifestyle, we can have a huge impact on climate change and the health of our planet. I challenge you to take one new action today to reduce your impact on the environment. Once it is a habit, take another action. Keep going…..    G. S. Powell, 2017

Earth Notes and Earth Hugs Part I

Earth Notes and Earth Hugs Part II

Resources Cited for Earth Notes and Earth Hugs